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Pam Cooley

“I worked with Pam on a community consultation process in Surrey. She was a great facilitator, really creative and quick on her feet. She also provided a detailed and extensive written report that really helped our work.”
Elisabeth J. Geller
Pam Cooley
Community Consultations
Vancity Credit Union
“...Community consultations in Victoria and Surrey/Delta were a vital part of the establishment of Vancity's Regional Grants Program and it was imperative that they be handled professionally and in a timely way. The experience and dedication Pam brought to these important consultations was critical to their success.

In running these consultations, Pam's professionalism and careful thought, in terms of the invitations, the design of the sessions, the facilitation and the final report was really outstanding. In particular, her ability to keep a large group, with disparate views, on track and on time was great and resulted in a well-structured final report, with precisely the information we needed.

I was also impressed with her ability to be quick off the mark, as the timing for the consultations was very tight and your ability to work to tight timelines was greatly appreciated.”

Elisabeth J. Geller, MA, Community Programs Manager
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