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Pam Cooley

Pam's unique skill in coordinating meetings on controversial issues can be applied in any setting.

Pam Cooley
Facilitation of Multi-Stakeholder Groups
When it comes to running a meeting where the issues being discussed are likely to be highly controversial and emotionally charged, Pam is in her element. Such is the case when she heads up Fisheries and Ocean Canada – Integrated Harvest Planning Committees, which she has done for six years now for Pacific Salmon, Herring and Crab, and most recently for the Crab fishery in Labrador. These multi-stake holder meetings are likely to include aboriginal peoples, sport fishers, commercial fishers, environmentalists and two levels of government. They aim at arriving at an integrated harvest plan that works for both fishers and fish.

“Pam brings an enthusiastic yet calm and rational demeanour to contentious discussions. When necessary, she prompts participants to elaborate on points that are not fully explained but does not let the discussions bog down with the same point being made a number of different ways. As well, the meetings are well managed with prompt start times, rules that are clearly understood, adequate breaks and termination as planned. Participants in meetings have acknowledged Pam’s skills and expressed their gratitude.”
Bert Ionson, Pacific Regional Resource Manager – Salmon
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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