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Pam Cooley

“Pam’s engagement strategies work! Pam worked with us on the development and launch of the Social Purchasing Portal, and her process was effective with measurable and successful results.”
David LePage
Fast Track to Employment
Pam Cooley
Project, Program and Organizational Development
Pam's development process cuts to the heart of problem solving – not by applying bandaids – but by listening, exploring, innovating and acting in ways that create both short and long term solutions.

Pam worked alleviating social ills for several years in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, "the poorest postal code in Canada." As interim Executive Director of PACE4WOMEN, Pam stabilized this in crisis employment-ready program for Women, trained staff and developed Board policies, (prior to provincial funding cuts).

Vancouver Social Purchasing Portal
Working with Vancouver's Fast Track to Employment, Pam was instrumental in the design and creation of Canada's first Social Purchasing Portal, an online application that integrates supply chain economics and corporate social responsibility to achieve community benefits. The SSP model focuses on and facilitiates business-to-business procurement transactions to leverage community economic development activity. Since this innovative launch in 2004, the model has been adopted in cities across Canada and around the world.
Social Purchasing Flow Diagram
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